Our new product, NoFerric 10 (10% chitosan solution) is a coagulant for storm water/construction water/wastewater treatment. Its active component is chitosan, which is obtained from crustacean shells. It is a natural and biodegradable replacement of inorganic coagulants such as ferric chloride or alum. Chitosan coagulants are already sold by several companies and were quite successful in the market. We offer highly concentrated low viscosity chitosan up to 10% wt. vs. maximum 3% highly viscous formulation offered by our competitors. Higher concentration is preferred by the customers because of lower application rate, considerably lower packaging and transportation costs leading to savings in the range of 25-30%. Low viscosity is critical for easy handling and accurate pumping. Furthermore, higher concentration product is easier to make which allows us to offer very competitive pricing.

Why Choose Us?

NoFerric 10TM is an efficient coagulant in most wastewater applications

Application rate is much lower than for currently used coagulants, leading to considerable cost savings

This product is food-grade and biodegradable

Other Applications

  • Food preservation: improves shelf life without affecting taste;
  • Plant protection in agriculture: organic antimicrobial/antifungal spray;
  • Textile industry: antimicrobial coatings, odor control;
  • Wine and Craft Beer Brewing: water clarifier;
  • Pool clarifier.

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