VRM Labs developed a proprietary technology for making highly concentrated low viscosity chitosan solutions. We are the only company on the market that offers 10% chitosan. Higher concentration allows for lower application rate, considerably lower packaging and transportation costs leading to savings in the range of 25-30%.


  • Low risk approach, no need to switch from the current supplier of wastewater treatment chemicals. In this case chitosan is used as a coagulation aid along with the currently used inorganic coagulant (e.g., aluminum chloride). Very low dose of chitosan (in the few ppm range or sometimes under 1 ppm) helps to reduce application rate of aluminum or ferric chloride by 70 to 100%, leading to the net savings on coagulants in the range of 30-40%. In addition it leads to the formation of more dense sludge, which could be helpful if the sludge is disposed (reduces disposal costs because of lower volume of the sludge).
  • For those customers who are interested in complete elimination of inorganic coagulants and replacing with a biodegradable option, chitosan can be used to replace alum or ferric chloride. In this case typical savings are in the range of 20-30%. In this case the sludge does not contain iron or aluminum, so one of our animal processing customers now sells it to a nearby rendering plant instead of paying for disposal.

Product Availability

NoFerric 10 — 10% Chitosan acetate is available in following sizes:

30 Gallon Barrel

55 Gallon Barrel

275 Gallon Tote

Also available as 3%, 2% and 1% Chitosan acetate solution.

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